Pais Bozena, Ricardo e filha Maya

Pais Bozena, Ricardo e filha Maya

“It is our blessing and a gift from the Universe that Raquel became our midwife (after being recommended by our friends who already had a beautiful birthing with her).
It was a joy and a revelatory experience to have her gently and knowledgeably guide us on this very special journey.
She has provided us with practical advices, from the traditional wisdom as well as the newest science, regarding pregnancy, birth and the early motherhood. Golden.
Attuned, observant, present. Kind. And easy to flow with.

Due to a situation considered an emergency and a risk to a baby (a meconium discharge into the water bag) our birth happened in a hospital and not at home as we had planned for.
Yet, even in this hospital unfamiliar environment, we still had an amazing and completely natural (phisiologic) birth. In big part, because we had been empowered and such well prepared by Raquel.
We wish more parents have access to such wonderful support.
Thus, inspired by our experience and this heartfelt wish, we are educating ourselves to facilitate such journeys for other parents.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.“

Pais Bozena, Ricardo e filha Maya Outubro 27, 2019

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